Private Training and Behavior Adjustment Training
Private Training

Private Training can sometimes be more convienient for the person with a busy schedule or for the dog that doesn't quite get a long with others.  These lessons will be tailored to you specifically with one on one attention. 

Private General Obedience Package:

(Distance within 30 minutes)                 (Distance within 30 minutes-1 hour)

               $240 for 6 lessons                                                

               $160 for 4 lessons                                                Call for specific pricing


        $50/ lesson with no package                           

Behavior Adjustment Training:

​If you have a dog that is scared, nervous, fearful, reactive or aggressive toward other dogs or humans or any other animal in your household, I can help you with this too.  A phone consultation and behavior evaluation is needed prior to an in person visit for safety reasons.  

Call for pricing and personalized lesson plan.

Prices dependent upon location and lesson