All about Me

Sarah Mitchell

My name is Sarah Mitchell and I train dogs and the people they love!  Growing up with a German Shepherd Mix as my older brother, I felt I've always had a special bond with dogs! However, my first training experience started when I adopted my first terrier mix over 10 years ago with a handful of behavior problems.  I soon realized that the outdated methods I knew of were ineffective and counterproductive so I  started doing research.  I studied the science of dog behavior and read any book I could read about how dogs learn.  I learned multiple training methods and how to best work with dogs with anxiety and rescue dogs. Through research and the guidance of mentor trainers along the way, I found the most effective and humane way to train.  I have worked under trainers and on my own doing group classes over the years as well as private lessons in clients homes and in the environment.  There's nothing in this world that I enjoy more than hearing someone say how much training has improved not only their life, but their dog's lives as well! So give me a call today, I'd love to meet you and your dog!
  1. Chase
  2. Shelby
  3. Rebel
  4. Coco
  5. Louie
  6. Rufus and Coco
    Rufus and Coco
  7. Peanut and Amore
    Peanut and Amore
  8. Advanced Graduates
    Advanced Graduates
  9. Kingsley